Attention Businesses That Use Display Ads, Billboards or Any Other Form Of Display Advertising For Marketing…

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You may be wondering why we’re promoting display ads when everyone else is telling you to put your advertising dollars into internet based marketing strategies.

First, and listen carefully, offline marketing is not dead!

Yes, it is a new playing field with the internet and there are some new absolutely amazing marketing tools and strategies available today because of the internet, but people are still watching TV, listening to the radio, reading newspapers and magazines, driving their car and seeing billboards, and so on.

For purchases like cars and real estate just about every community has real estate publications of homes for sale in the area and cars for sale. Just go to a grocery store and see all of the publications on the magazine racks. You’ll notice the day before it’s restocked most of the publication bins are empty … that’s because consumers are picking them up to read.

Did you know this …

Consumers Trust Offline Advertisements More Than Online Marketing Sources

We named our marketing firm “On-Off 360 Marketing” because we intimately know and help businesses with both Online and Offline marketing. Look at these enlightening facts about different marketing mediums…

Nielson Report Shows Important Stats…
A study by Nielson in the 3rd quarter of  2011 shows what marketing mediums consumers trust the most.

Not surprising is referrals from friends is #1 at 91%. What may surprise you with all of the talk about going online for your marketing is what the next 5 mediums consumers trust the most is

#2: Ads in newspapers at 48%
#3: Ads in magazines at 47%
#4: Ads on TV at 47%
#5: Ads on the radio at 46%
#6: Billboards at 41%

The remaining mediums (#7 to #12) are online marketing strategies which range from 26% to 36% consumer trust.


Enlightening, isn’t it?

Learn How To Maximize The Effectiveness Of Your Display Ads…

Thanks to the internet it’s opened up a whole new set of tools that’s allowed us professional marketing firms to increase the effectiveness of your offline marketing strategies.

To learn how we combine an online strategy with offline display ads to increase the leads generated from your display ads, go read the “How We Maximize Your Print Ads” page.

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